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Reynolds builds only the highest quality carbon fiber rims which requires engineering and layup precision with respect to every design profile and intended use. Because rim designs and loads vary according to usage, Reynolds specifies type of fiber, epoxy and resin, adjusting the specs to achieve the perfect balance of tensile strength, stiffness and elongation, for each rim model.

The engineers at Reynolds specify the exact carbon fiber construction for each section of a given rim to meet the demands that riders will place on them. They employ hybrid modulus laminates with variable chemistry resins to obtain the optimal balance of strength, weight and overall ride quality to produce the best rim for each predetermined purpose.


CR6 identifies six parts of the rim structure, building in strength where it is needed and saving weight wherever possible, all in the name of optimizing performance. The spoke face and nipple bed are the points that translate torque from the hub to the outer diameter of the wheel and must therefore be incredibly robust. The sidewall of the rim tends not to incur such heavy loads and can therefore be a place to find weight savings. The tire channel and rim bead must tolerate not only tire pressures, but also crushing forces from impact. And the brake track area in the case of rim brakes, must also contend with the added pressure and heat from hard and extended braking.


MR5 is the moniker given to the construction of Reynolds Blacklabel mountain bike rims. Clearly, these rims must stand up to considerable abuse, so the spoke face, nipple bed, sidewall, tire channel and rim bead are all considered both individually and as a holistic system to balance strength, durability, weight and ride quality.


PR3 used in Reynolds Allroads wheels takes this same approach balancing structural requirements with performance and value. In these rims then, the overall rim profile, rim bead and brake track areas are called out with unique carbon fiber and resin schedules.