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Our Story

Reynolds Cycling designs, engineers and manufactures premium carbon fiber bicycle wheels, sold and ridden around the world. Our unwavering dedication to innovation, quality and craftsmanship is reflected in our careful specification of materials, meticulous rim construction and the precision with which we assemble each and every wheel that leaves our facilities. Our aim has always been to build premium wheels that offer impeccable ride quality and unmatched durability. We invite you to try them.

We at Reynolds Cycling believe in craftsmanship and building nothing but the finest quality wheels. The process starts at our facility in Sandy, Utah, where our team defines the goals for every project.

Once we have identified the priorities for any given wheel, our group of aerospace engineers sets out to define the optimal rim dimensions and carbon layup to support the objectives. Only after designs have endured all scrutiny in computational software do we set about opening the first molds.

When the molds are finished, the next stage of the process begins. Our uniquely specified carbon fiber is laid out and painstakingly cut. Special care is taken to ensure that every last piece of fiber is correctly oriented in the mold. The resulting rim is nearly flawless and requires little finishing before wheel assembly.

The wheel assembly process is the final step. All the carefully selected components—hubs, spokes and nipples—are mated to the finished rims by our team of trained builders to exacting specifications.


Every wheel that is boxed and shipped from Reynolds stands up to our rigorous standards of design, engineering, durability and ride quality. We stake our reputation on it.


Ride the Best. Ride Reynolds.













A message from Scott Montgomery, CEO of Reynolds Cycling:

We are very proud of our long heritage in the cycling industry as an innovator in carbon wheels. Our goal is to produce the lightest, fastest, highest quality wheels in the world to meet all the major performance cycling segments. Those include mountain-gravel-road-tri along with emerging niches like Fat Tire & eBike carbon wheels.

At the end of the day a company comes down to outstanding products and extraordinary people working together with passion and purpose to do their very best. We are fortunate to be able to produce something that improves the quality of life for cyclists around the world, and we appreciate your support and feedback.

Ride fast, ride safe, ride Reynolds,

Scott Montgomery, CEO


Reynolds Mission
We are committed to engineering and producing the highest quality carbon bicycle wheels that inspire, excite and improve the cycling experience. Using innovative technology, relentless testing and quality manufacturing from our own facilities, we know that every Reynolds rider will feel the difference.