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Reynolds Wheels are Handmade

Posted on February 01 2018

Reynolds Cycling believes in craftsmanship and building nothing but the finest quality wheels. The process of creating a new wheel set starts at our facility in Sandy, Utah, where our team defines the goals for every project before any design work takes place. Only with clear direction do we set forth on the journey to deliver you, our valued customer, with durable, lightweight carbon fiber wheels that you will enjoy for years to come.

Reynolds Carbon Wheel Making

Once we have identified the goals for any given wheel, our group of aerospace engineers sets out to define the optimal rim dimensions and carbon layup to support the objectives of weight, durability, aerodynamics, stiffness and ride comfort. Only after designs have endured all scrutiny in computational software do we set about opening the first mold to build the perfect rim for the ultimate wheel.

Reynolds Carbon Wheel Making

When the molds have been meticulously machined and finished in our own facility in Utah, the next stage of the process begins. Our hand picked, and in-house resin impregnated carbon fiber from Mitsubishi, Japan is laid out and painstakingly cut according to the layup schedules defined by our engineers. Special care is taken to ensure that every last piece of fiber is correctly oriented and applied by hand into the mold utilizing our proprietary process before curing. The resulting rim that comes out of the mold fulfills all the initial usage guidelines, requires little finish sanding and is ready to be laced into a full wheel.

The wheel assembly process is the final step and equally important in producing the premium quality wheels for which Reynolds is known. In the case of our RZR wheels, all the carbon components including hub shell, aero spokes and finished rims are mated by our team of trained builders to exacting specifications. Even our steel-spoke wheels our tensioned by hand to ensure that the wheels that bear the Reynolds name are true to within .02 mm and that they will provide excellent durability and an unmatched ride.

Reynolds Carbon Wheel Maker

Every wheel that is boxed and shipped from Reynolds stands up to our rigorous standards of design, engineering, durability and ride quality. We stake our reputation on it, and trust that you will enjoy the ride. toured the Reynolds’ factory recently to see just how the best carbon wheels on the planet are made. Check it out! You'll get an exclusive look at the original pizza oven that was used to bake Reynolds wheels in the early days, too.

Reynolds carbon wheel making